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About Us

We published our first issue July 1, 1999 under the slogan "A good newspaper for a town that needs one."  We came out swinging and haven't stopped since.

The Independent News is a news alternative to the packaged, stale news offered by other news media. We are dedicated to giving our readers a fresh approach to news that other media don't or won't touch. We aim to tell the story behind the stories in politics, music, arts and entertainment that others only cover superficially. There are no sacred cows at the Independent News - which is why local politicians, bureaucrats and powerbrokers fear us so much.

We're old school, two-fisted journalism at it's best.

Our stories are presented with energy and enthusiasm — writing that's thorough, thought provoking and fun to read. We will make you laugh, curse and sometime gasp, but you won't want to miss an issue.

We reach the hardest audience in the community to touch - the under 35 year olds. Only 15% of the daily newspaper's weekday subscribers are in that age bracket - about 7,000 people. So don't waste you ad dollars trying to be hip with the PNJ - unless you selling motorized wheelchairs. 

Independent News Basics

Weekly Circulation: 25,000
Distribution Sites: 400 plus
Areas: Pensacola, Perdido Key, Pensacola Beach, NAS Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Pace, and Navarre.
Percentage Read: 96% - most are picked up by Sunday morning
Weekly Readership: 77,000

Reader Demographics

- Based on readership survey by Association of Niche & Community Publications conducted May, 2005.

Gender:  Male 52%; Female 48%
Age:  18-36 68%; 37-49 20%; 50+ 12%   
Education: High School only 19%; College 60%; Advanced Degree 21%
Income: < $25,000 18%; $25000-34,999 21%; $35,000-49,999 18%; $50,000-74,999 22%; >$75,000 20%

our team

Rick Outzen

Amy Alkon, Renee Bookout, Rob Breznsy, Melinda Carrol, Farron Cousins, B.J. Davis, Angela Fail, Bob Grimm, Chuck Shepherd, Walker Holmes

Joani Delezen

Samantha Crooke

Jennifer Farquhar

our address

124 S. Palafox Place
(850) 438-8115
Fax: (850) 438-0228