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BEST OF THE COAST | Vol. 11, No. 38, October 15, 2009
(Best of the Coast 2009)

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WINNER: Best Bar
Other Wins: Best Bar to People Watch, Best Karaoke Night, Best Music Venue, Best Place to Shake Your Stuff
Top 3 Finishes: Best Place for Bar Games, Best Place to Eavesdrop, Best Bartender: Buck Thomas, Best Shot: Jager Bomb

Since opening in 1967, Seville Quarter has been a staple of Pensacola nightlife. Originally owned by Bob Snow, the entertainment complex is now under the guidance of the Mitchell family.

Seville Quarter is a jack-of-all-trades establishment, offering food, drinks and a variety of entertainment options. From the dance club vibe of Phineas Phogg's to the participatory environment of Rosie O' Grady's, Seville Quarter serves up every flavor of conceivable nightlife nightly.

Seville Quarter is no slouch when it comes to special events. They regularly bring in national and regional acts like Cowboy Mouth and The Molly Ringwalds. The great thing about Seville is its ability to please everyone, so it's no wonder Seville Quarter sits atop the bar and nightclub throne again this year.

Winner: Best Bar Ambiance
Top 3 Finishes: Best Bar Food, Best Martini, Best Selection of Wine by the Glass

The 600 South Wine & Tapas Bar inside of New World Inn has a "big city" sophistication that makes it the perfect place to enjoy live entertainment, specialty cocktails and tapas.

Winner: Best Place Not to Take Your Parents

While there are many places in town you'd rather not be seen with mom and pop, Arety's is the one place, in particular, that BOC voters have once again said might not be the place for quality time with your parents.

The gentleman's club attracts both young and old, which sometimes leads to awkward run-ins.

"Well that's why we have a back door," jokes owner Arety Kapetanis-Sievers. "So that way when kids walk in, the parents can go out the back door."

She says it's a popular place for young adults to have bachelor parties and other celebrations, which, of course, stay under the radar of family.

"I get a laugh out of this award," says Sievers.  "But we do want to thank Pensacola again for voting for us."

Winner: Best New Bar
Top 3 Finishes: Best Bar-Pensacola Beach/Gulf Breeze, Best Bartender-Patrick Bolster

It's only fitting that Gulf Breeze's first and only bar should win the Best New Bar category. Scott and Nick Wheatley have created a bar that has quickly become a favorite watering hole for Gulf Breeze locals who enjoy watching sunsets with a cold beer and friends.

On weekends, The Bridge Bar & Sunset Lounge offers some of the best local bands, including IN winner The Smart Brothers.

The Wheatleys have plans to build an 800-ft. deck that will extend into Pensacola Bay. Once the deck is completed, expect The Bridge to win votes in even more BOC categories. This bar has a bright future.

Winner: Best Pensacola Bar-Not Downtown
Top 3 Finishes : Best Bowling Alley-Liberty Lanes

What's better than live music and drinks? Live music and drinksand bowling.

"We've always strived to make a great music venue in town, whether national, regional or local acts," says owner Brian O'Sullivan. "Our bar pours a good drink, but the kicker of the whole thing is you don't have to come in and drink. You can walk over and bowl."

Winner: Best Bar-Downtown Pensacola, Best Beer Selection, Best Happy Hour
Top 3 Finishes: Best Bar Food, Best Late Night Eats, Best Pizza, Best Wait Staff with Personality, Best Place to Meet Friends After Work, Best Music Venue

Hopjacks exudes an eclectic, hip atmosphere and has a fully stocked bar with an unbelievable beer selection.

Hopjacks offers over 150 different beers from all around the world, 36 of them on tap. You can go cheap and sip on Pabst Blue Ribbon, or you can indulge yourself in exotic flavors from the Czech Republic or Poland.

While the bar selection is staggering, the pizza is just as noteworthy because of its top-quality ingredients and wide variety of toppings you won't find at other pizza joints, such as real steak filets. And like any self-respecting pizza restaurant and bar, they cater to the late-night munchies crowd.

Hopjacks also features live bands during the week. Depending on what night you stop in, you could hear blues, jazz, alternative, reggae or rock.

Winner: Best Place for Bar Games
Top 3 Finishes: Best Bar-Downtown Pensacola, Best Happy Hour, Best Shot-Red Headed Slut

Intermission is a fixture on the downtown bar scene. IN readers love the games there, which include pool, foosball, darts and the latest video games.

Winner: Best Sports Bar, Best Late Night Eats, Best Bar Food

Since opening in 2003, New York Nick's has been known as the place on Palafox for "every sports fan." Owner Nick Zangari says he strives to be the "ultimate" sports bar by catering to every fan that comes in to watch a game.

"We broadcast all segments for the fans," he says. "We have people who come in and want to watch the games that aren't the showcase games televised each week. That's why we have every sports package, so we can show every game."

With 40 brand-new HD televisions and a great selection of made-from-scratch food, it's no wonder Nick's has been named Best Sports Best, Best Late Night Eats and Best Wings for 2009.

"It's satisfying to know that I'm still recognized for what I am supposed to be," says Zangari.

Winner: Best Margarita
Top 3 Finishes: Best Bloody Mary, Best Daiquir, Best Neighborhood Bar, Best Restaurant with a View

Over the past year, Paradise Bar & Grill has made numerous improvements to its building, but as far as its beach-bum atmosphere and great drinks, it's still remained the same.

"It's been a long road," says manager Renee Mack. "But we've got it going on now.

"I'm honored to be even mentioned in anything," says Mack. "We've worked hard and we try to keep it local and friendly where everyone is welcomed."

Winner: Best Bar-Pensacola Beach/Gulf Breeze, Best Signature Drink-Bushwacker, Best Bushwacker

The newly-renovated Sandshaker is a Pensacola Beach icon. There you'll rub elbows with millionaires, surfers, rednecks and politicians and be BBF after a few Bushwackers.

Winner: Best Bartender-Brandy Reames, Best Martini
Top 3 Finishes: Best Bar, Best Downtown Pensacola Bar, Best Place to Shake Your Stuff, Best Bar Ambiance

Edwin Banacia and Albert Lao have joined forces to bring "Big City Cool" to downtown Pensacola. Suite offers one-of-a-kind, top-notch club promotions that have set the standard for the Pensacola nightclub scene. The place is packed every Friday and Saturday.

Its latest promotion, Blacklight Discotek, was a collaboration between Pensacola-based Kush Productions and Tampa's Wear To The Tear, a music and fashion crew known for eye-catching fashion and mind-melting sounds. Models and patrons had fun with the blacklights and glow paints.

During Pensacola's 450th Celebration weekend, Suite sponsored a unique bartender competition based on the Food Network's "Iron Chef." Challengers faced the top Pensacola area bartenders to decide who makes the best Martini. Suite's master bartender, Brandy Reames, walked away with the trophy.