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HEALTH & WELLNESS GUIDE | Vol. 35, No. 5, July 22, 2010
(Ballsy Plan VII)

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July Health & Wellness

Healthy In The Heat
July Offers Best Assortment of "Superfoods"

With a plethora of fruits and vegetables available during the summer season, there's really no better time to start sprucing up your diet -- maybe even discovering a few new health foods along the way.

Health Talk: Dr. Jeanne Eckert, The Women's Group
This month the IN sits down with  Dr. Jeanne Eckert, a medical partner in The Women's Group

H&W Calendar
Free seminars, Mobile Mammography Unit, and more

H&W News

Oil spill health related news, and more

IN'S Featured Health & Wellness Services
A complete guide to the IN's Health & Wellness experts