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MUSIC | Vol. 6, No. 21, May 25, 2006
(Music Issue)

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Bands A-Z

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3D The teen rap trio, which includes Roy Jones Jr.'s identical twin sons and cousin—is high energy with its album "Boys Will Be Boys" scheduled to drop Tuesday, June 27. 

60 Cycles of Sound The three-piece local band won the 2005 IN Music Award for "Best Pop/Rock," with its energetic, catchy and very rock-driven sound.

A Common Hope A new hardcore/punk band that snagged a slot at Vans Warped Tour this past summer.

Acoustifunk Formed in 2003, the trio performs funk rock fused with jazz, blues, reggae and more.

After Hours 

American Suicide A little punk, a little blues and a lot of tried and true rock and roll are the key ingredients in their fresh sound.

Among Them Heavy rock band that won "Best Newcomer" laurels at this year's IN Music Awards.

Analog Missionary Currently in the studio recording their third album and preparing for a 2006 tour, the experimental group features the unforgettable belly-dancing beauty, Anstrom.

Antebellum You won't hear no girl songs from this group, which talks about God a lot. One song "Breathe In, Breathe Out" that's from the viewpoint of someone standing in the crowd at Christ's crucifixion.

Anxiety This metal upstart is working on their first full-length CD, "Out For Blood." The music is chock full of melodic harmonies, insane guitar and bass riffs and story-driven lyrics.

Ba'nana Republic Bamboo Willie's house band, includes lead vocalist Conrad Days, the group's founding father 15 years ago and only remaining original member.

Bobby Van Deuson The jazz pianist and vocalist is part of the reason why Jack & Ron's is having an "it" moment.

Boneface One of Body Head Entertainment's newest members. After dropping the single "Best Kept Secret" he may not be one much longer. Official Record Company Website

Buzz Cutt Since 1995, this group has thrilled audiences along the Gulf Coast, playing a variety of new rock with a splash of classic rock. 

Choppa This up-and-coming rapper with Body Head Entertainment has a yet-untitled LP hitting the stores July 18. Offical Record Company Website

Cockfight The band lives up to its name with live shows that are hard-hitting and testosterone driven.

The Cripple Lilies "A cripple lily wilts in the afternoon sun and opens in the evening," which is exactly the effect the dreamy, soothing harmonies of this group can have on you at the end of a hard day.

Darren J. Trio Newly formed blues group--with Doug "Deacon" Burger on bass, Mike Halfhill on drums and Darren J. vocals/guitar--that cites its influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The Deadly Fists of Kung Fu They posses the most entertaining music video "Shortpacked," around, with action heroes in their likeness rocketing around the globe.

Don't Die Cindy This four-piece indie/space rock band from Panama City takes music listeners for a ride. Join it.

DJ RAM-Z Since his debut in early '99, Ram-Z has been dropping dub plates for the masses at large parties and clubs thoughout the Southeast. His breakaway style and seamless mixing has put him in a league of his own.

Earl's Killer Squirrel Earl Lion and his rough modern punk band have been on the backburner of the local music scene for 12 years. 

Endings Edge IN Music Awards "Best Newcomers" in 2005 boast an original post-hardcore sound that's heavy on riffs and deeply syncopated rhythms. IN Music Awards '06 nominees for "Artist of the Year."

Frank Booth  A hard rock band known as much for their high-energy live shows as for their catchy, sing-a-long worthy songs, like the unforgettable "Chocolate City."

Goodfoote One of the best rock 'n' roll cover bands around, the group can usually be heard at the Fish House or Seville Quarter.

Holly Shelton From jazz to cabaret to bluesy torch, this sexy chanteuse can sing it all. She's a six-foot powerhouse of flair and fishnets.

It Starts Today Veterans of last year's Vans Warped Tour, this hardcore group is a frontrunner for IN Music Awards '06 "Artist of the Year" laurels.

Jason Martinez The DJ started mixing in 2001, after getting tired of listening to the same old boring radio stations. He has steadily progressed and keeps getting better.

Joe Occhipinti The popular bandleader and swing dance organizer provides the sounds of a bygone era.

Kane Madness The new group sums up its music like this: funky or bluesy under the right conditions but mostly just heavy grunge.

Kathy Lyon Touring around the U.S. in a red VW bus in the 1980s and eventually performing around the world, the veteran jazz vocalist now lives in Navarre.

Kevin Larson Band A little bit rock and a little bit pop, these local boys make fun, accessible pop-rock for the co-ed party set.

Kid Picked Last It's hard to pin down this group's sound which ranges from classic and modern rock to emo and indie, blues, grunge and even tribal-ceremonial with a little hardcore twist.

Kitt Lough Let her smoky voice and sultry, but subtle persona capture your heart with her first note.

Luna Mantra This group featuring brother duo--Michael and Joshua Kinser--fuses the modern and traditional melodies and rhythms of tango and flamenco, jazz and groove, gypsy and bossa nova, bluegrass, Indian, Caribbean and Middle Eastern music to form an innovative, exciting and extremely danceable live performance.

Lyndsey Battle Her mellow, unobtrusive folk-funk style will ultimately win you over. Think Ani DiFranco's voice coupled with Joni Mitchell's lyrics and Patti Smith's passion.

Mad Happy They push the envelope with a distinctive and edgy sound, solidly rooted in hip-hop and the blues; and intelligent lyrics promoting tolerance and individuality.

Mark Lannigan The local Glasgow import and StreetLevel resident DJ's sound is as infectious as it is soulful. This is the best baby-making music that you can't stop moving to.

Mike Roycroft The acoustic talent is a self-professed late bloomer, who's found his niche as a singer and songwriter.

The Mighty Smiting A positive, positive punk band that leaves the pissed-with-the-world songs to others. It's a unique collage of ska bass lines, alternative, indie rock, grunge guitar riffs and motorhead drums.

The Modern Eldorados Reminiscent of the George Jones and Patsy Cline era. A throwback to old-school, pure country.

The Names A group of old-timers that are HandleBar regulars and a staple in the local scene for years.

Nusense This soft-spoken master of breakbeat carries a BIG stick behind the decks.

One Day Remains Pensacola-based rock/metal band with a radio-friendly rock sound with melodic vocals.

Out of Nothing This five-piece punk-ska upstart boasts a one-man brass section and sax.

Orphic A progressive alternative rock band clearly influenced by Tool and Metallica, the group has been together about a year and recently has released its first full-length CD.

Parabellum The IN Music Awards-nominated group forges elements of early Saint Vitus/Crowbar-like sludge with a driving force similar to that of Celtic Frost along with a dose of chaos reminiscent of the legendary Acid Bath  to create their own brand of swamp metal.

Piss 'N' Vinegar The indie/punk band has a mostly old-school sound like Black Flag, Minor Threat, The Subhumans and the Exploited.

Red Letter Consortium Emo rockers whose melancholy tunes require a whole box of Kleenex. Listen too long and you "want to crawl into a ball and kill your cat."

Red Lipstick Letter Armed with its debut full-length release, "Here's Your Photograph," they boldly go where all other cute pop-punk boy bands have gone before. Still, they're seriously good.

Redline A member of two local drum-and-bass collectives, Knightbreed and Mechanikal Element, Redline drops heart-stopping, floor-filling tracks with skillful ease.

Reynosa Digging deep into the crease where genres collide, they mesh a country twang with hard hooks and rock 'n' roll riffs—a combination that they make work.

Revel Jarett, Jason, John and Ben. Don't be fooled by their cute, boy band-esque names, these guys rock, hard. Their CD, "The Colour You Bleed," is nominted for INMA's "Album of the Year."

Robin Stine A Shirley Horn fan, she creates a truly unique sound infusing traditional jazz with a youthful, bluesy folk vibe.

Rocker AJ Balls-out metal, blue-collar rocker with a gritty throat, who likes to let it roll.

Roy Jones Jr. He didn't just drop a record, he dropped a record on his very own label, Body Head Records, proving he's more than your average athlete. Official Record Company Website

Scars and Stripes A punk rock group of four best friends who are musically doing what ever they want with as few limitations as possible.

The Selfish Gene It sounds cliché but they are an alternative rock band that, of course, is out to change the world.

Shadowyze Shawn Enfinger, aka Shadowyze, is a rap artist of Cherokee and Creek descent whose techno-laden hip-hop music has been exposing injustices to Navtive Americans since the late 1980s.

So Long DaVinci Local screamo/indie/rock group that has recently resurfaced. 

Subject Zero 8 A metal band together for one year that's serious about screaming and singing.

Swellz Formerly from the Rated PGs, Swellz is emerging as one of the top Body Head Bangerz. Official Record Company Website

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Ohio University canceled classes and dissembled a fan's bicycle in March when campus police took a "This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb" sticker literally. But this is actually a spirited punk-rock folk trio as the university and world found out.