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COVER STORY | Vol 6, No. 41, October 12, 2006
(Best Of The Coast 2006)

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Best Of The Coast 2006

Every year, I like to scan through the mounds and mounds of on-line and paper ballots completed by our faithful readers for Best of the Coast. It's kind of like combing the beach for seashells. You just never know what you'll discover.

 Based on my peek at the Best of the Coast ballots, here's my Best of the Best of the Coast Ballots.

Best Sign Of The Apocalypse: When asked the "Best Place To Max Your Visa," a bunch of readers answered Wal-Mart. I'm going to pretend those ballots came from Pensacola Christian College co-eds, who don't know any better. I did not see a ballot from Escambia County Administrator George Touart, but I can guess his answer on this one, and it sure as hell ain't Wal-Mart.

Best Reminder That We Live In The South: Under the category, "Best Shot," one reader responded, "John Wilkes Booth." That's not exactly what we were going for. Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln to death. Yessiree, the South will rise again. Go, Confederates. Whatever. That battle was lost in May 1865—141 years ago. Time to move on.

Best Answer For Best Watchdog: This award must go to the dear reader who wrote: "Jake, my golden retriever." Jake got one vote and the Independent News received a half dozen. But the Pensacola News Journal and WEAR TV garnered a whopping zero votes. Seems as if intelligent people just don't like milquetoast media conglomerates that much.

Best You're Out Of Your Gourd Vote: Apparently, fellas, someone thinks the "Best Place For A First Date" is not The Melting Pot, it's the opera. I like the opera, but this is real life, not Richard Gere and Julia Roberts at "La Traviata" in "Pretty Woman." Wake up! Maybe opera by the third date...

Best Pensacola Beach Promoter: I typed in on my computer, since it earned a vote as "Best Local Website." I was slightly leery of what might pop up on my screen, given Florida Congressman Mark Foley's recent e-mail scandal with a 16-year-old boy. Would I end up handcuffed, booked and convicted tomorrow? Nope, Barrier Island Girl, who goes by D.J., shows off a fascinating collection of Ansel Adams-type (not Jesse Jane-type) beach photos on her blog, usually with an inspiring cut-line or story. It's an interesting chronicle of nature on one of the most unique patches on the planet.

There you have it.

Now, please read on and find out the real winners of the Best of the Coast 2006 issue.

Special thanks to Brandon Delles for his illustrations and to Art Director Justin Griffith in our half-hearted attempt at a Best of the Coast theme, which we labeled Rat Pack vs. Brat Pack, Hip vs. Hipster and finally Old School vs. New School. After the Community Maritime Park referendum, when we began tallying the Best of the Coast ballots, we were definitely feeling the generation gap aftereffects.

We also owe a really big thanks to Kevin Marchetti, aka the Renaissance Man, for making Best of the Coast 2006 special. The out-of-this-world metalsmith and sculptor made this year's awards for the winners. Check out this artisan's unique work at his shop at 2203 N. Pace Blvd., or on his website at

Thanks, too, to Atlas Oyster House and Seville Quarter for hosting our Best of the Coast parties. Everyone is invited to attend the showcase of the Best of the Coast winners at 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 15. at Seville Quarter. You'll be able to sip, sample and taste the "best" and find out what all the fuss is about. A portion of the $20 tickets will benefit the Pensacola Cultural Center/Pensacola Little Theatre.
—The Editor

The Best Of Old School vs. New School The verdict is in. Pensacola is a town divided. No, we aren't talking about race, religion, sex, money, or the Community Maritime Park.

Best Alt-Watering Holes How many towns boast a place like Ard's Cricket Ranch (827 Lynch St. Brownsville) where they serve up a heapin' of both brewskies and live bait? Never thought crickets and Michelob light could cohabitate? Think again.

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